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About Us

ExcelAG, Corp. is an American company founded in 2001, with executive headquarters in Miami, Florida. We are primarily focused on the discovery, research, development and manufacturing of our own product line. We also work closely with customers to design custom made formulas to solve their market needs.

ExcelAg, Corp's portfolio consists of more than 100 brands that are proprietary, innovative, and differentiated. They are marketed in USA and overseas agrochemical and non-agrochemical markets. Our product line includes groups such as:
• Systemic Plant Nutrition and Bio-Stimulants
• SAR Phosphonates
• Activation Technology
• Performance Enhancers
• OMRI certified Organic Pesticides
• Plant Growth Regulators
• Water Correctors, Soil Correctors, and
• A large group of innovative Adjuvants

All ExcelAG, Corp's products are manufactured exclusively in USA, and registered in USA and overseas markets. Our technologies have been designed for commercialization in various markets such as Agro, Turf & Ornamentals, Home & Garden, Public Health(including Animal Health), Water treatment, Soil Treatment, Right of ways, Golf Courses, Parks & Amenities, Landscape, etc.

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